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tha verbal hedonist, make tha needle skip from tha Hip Hop verse written on the leaflet / sippin’ fine wine like Dionysus ‘n’ Bacchus, rhymes recited the exact same color of my iris / fatal attraction to Isis with a pierced naval, tongue ‘n’ nasal / poor ‘n’ righteously I’m immortal, in oral quarrels your gord’ll catch a sword full of aggression / try to speak to tha God like Metro-Goldwin Meyer ‘n’ Charleton Heston dressed in robes throwin’ his best Moses impression / I speak impetuous tempestuous, thoughts rip desperate ninjas desolate / bitches undulate fat booties ‘n’ fags suffocate to tha scent of coochies, grungy hoe, change ya drawers yo / lyricy from a rap purist slappin’ you swag scallywag bastards’ ass cheeks, rapidly I break vocal chastity/ single-handedly I’m here to bring the art of rap back to tha forefront / I lean towards blunts ‘n’ y’all is like 3 or 4 cunts with pus-y sores in tha front / with excess ink splashed, stupid piercings ‘n’ weirdo haircuts / fuckin’ lames, you look ‘n’ sound tha same / trendy-ass commercialists, y’all all fucked up tha game/ pretty boys, from Southern Cali to Des Moines to NYC, take your ass below tha Mason-Dixon, you ain’t no MCs / I rep tha Blest Coast ‘cuz I said so, I stay head above tha rest ‘cuz y’all beats sound like techno / waitin’ for time in tha bing like escrow, tha man pull my strings like Jepetto, my metaphors got tha deepest depth ‘n’ I got tha most pekid flesh / when I spoke, Jesus wept, 730's on my throat, Arm Leg Leg Arm Head / bars is fresher, call me tha sentence molester, paragraph undresser ‘n’ my phrases is like rude gestures / fissures shows in pictures of 40 year young sistahs with asses so gargantuan you could see it when they sittin’ / Breakfast At Tiffany’s, clap God ‘n’ have a bath in Chablis untactfully / hack into your Twitter account ‘n’ talk about how you like to put it in yo’ mouth while you get fucked by a shaft from its head to its nuts…

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