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Twisted Science shaolin monk

multiply divide, I void ‘n’ nullify ninjas, poised to plug a hole in tha dike, reality bites royal / toil ‘n’ enjoy tha spoils that unfoil from when after tha crack boils ‘n’ cats let tha grams broil / thoughts is gothic like gargoyles caught in tha process of bein’ unloyal, guardin’ tha spot with forty 40 Glocks / y’all poultry been told of me ‘n’ I’m callous / vision tha story told by me, I hold tha Maltese Falcon / wildin’ out doused in liquid violence, Twisted Science spits ‘n’ bitches smile at him / write a hymn, tires ‘n’ rims / hear my shit your required to trip like flippin’ off some mushrooms / I spit tha Hip Hop classic like this was Crushgroove…
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