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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
you're a fucking snob who doesn't know how to build - that's fact - write some nose in the air snobby come back words and everything you write in here is gonna start going to the dick burger section of the forum - GTFOH

But seriously....I'd like to see where in the Forum guidelines there says you have to maintain a certain attitude when posting in a thread. I wasn't even talking to you directly and unless you felt some kind of guilt within your own conscience about what I said and subconsciously felt that I was talking about you, I don't see what all the fuss is about!

And you're cursing Sunny! You're CURSING! You never curse! Are you angry? If so, why? There's no need to call names and if there is, surely you can be more creative about it!

The bottom line is, I've seen posts that are WAAAAAAAY more, shall we say, "hurtful"?, than the one that you felt the need to lash out about.

So you can understand if I question your motives. Sarcasm, competition, and trash-talking are common in the whole of the thread. I just choose to do it my way and now there seems to be a problem?

If you choose to police the way I respond and say that it lacks humility and respect, then you should most likely enforce this rule to the whole of KTL posters so it doesn't look like so much of a witch-hunt.
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