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The hide with the urine on it was buried in the ground. This means that the "waste" representing souls of the cast out ones was placed on Orion worlds--from this "waste" came forth the inhabited planets of the star-suns in the vicinity of the Orion nebula. These souls migrated to Orion, but in contrast with The Migrants who arrived on Earth, their abomination period was before the migration, and not after it.
In other versions of the Orion story, he is a son of Poseidon. This would indicate also that individuals from Atlantis (Poseid) migrated to Orion. It is believed that the good people escaped from Atlantis by spacecraft and went to the planet Mars while the evil destroyers lost their physical equipment in the sinking of the Lost Continent and migrated to Orion in spiritual form.
Myths of Orion's death vary. Does his death signify his being "bound"? He was bold enough to challenge Artemis to a contest in throwing the discus; or he tried to rape one of her maidens and so was slain by an arrow of the goddess. Or, she caused a scorpion to sting him, which is why Orion's constellation sets as Scorpio rises into the sky.
Since Artemis, in Greek religion, was known as a virgin goddess of nature, does this mean that Orion challenged nature? It is possible, for the discus is an ancient symbol of interplanetary Saucers. Perhaps Orion, like the doomed Lucifer, tried to exalt
p. 385
his throne above all others. Instead of hydrogen power utilized by Lucifer, Orion tried to subdue the Universe with spacecraft (discus), but in this contest nature (Artemis) won out. Or he tried to subdue (rape) one of nature's attributes (Artemis' maiden) and so was bound (slain) by a power or active (arrow) of nature (Artemis). Does this mean that Orion also tried to be the all-powerful one through the mastery of the "terrible wind"?
Scorpio is the Flying Eagle, and as already shown, is connected with Ezekiel's vision, St. John's Revelation, and the Tracks On The Desert. Is it any wonder that Orion sets as Scorpio rises into the sky?
Still another myth says that Artemis loved him so that she forgot her duties. Once, as Orion was swimming or wading far out in the sea, Apollo shone so strongly about him that he was a dark blur on the water. Then Apollo challenged Artemis to hit the vague mark. The unerring huntress immediately slew, unwittingly, the giant.
Does this mean that because of the experimentation of the Orion peoples, nature was perverted or "forgot her duties"? Apollo, symbolic of spacemen of the positive forces, "shone so strongly" about Orion that he was a "dark blur". Did the good forces (Apollo) gain complete control over the misused natural forces and thereby cause Orion to be slain (bound)?
The ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia and India knew that Orion's early rising portended storms. Even today, this section of Creation is a stormy section--one
p. 386
that seeks to conquer, to subdue.
The Babylonian Talmud states: "If it were not for the heat of Orion the world could not exist because of the cold of the Pleiades; and if it were not for the cold of the Pleiades the world could not exist because of the heat of Orion."
This means that without positive and negative polarity there could be no creation. Without the evil (negative) Orion, the good (positive) Pleiades, would have no incentive to progress. 'The negative forces keep the positive forces in continuous spiral movement, otherwise there would be no advancement in the Cosmos. In fact, there would be no Cosmos!

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