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MCs see me in Bad Dreams, a So. Cal so-called Bad Seed from tha backstreets of San Fernando Valley / my vitality’s to foul verb-als, American Curves scouts some fine-ass birds / drop tha hammer, courts adjourn with meticulous lawyer grammar / yo pimp, my thoughts pander bars n I got danderuff on my scar / I go to work with a white ascot as a scarf as tha universal mascot for 16 bars / flip tha cards, make nothin outta somethin / I switch ciphers into heavy theologic discussions / put thoughts in knots n they overrun like faucets / pay Knolege Science hommage cuz I hold a brain hostage n accost it caustic / I’m soverign while all you bitches’ sippin n slobberin Twisted, givin more neck than ostriches / I speak prophecy like tha book of Enoch in tha Apocrypha n you all should hail true Hip Hop
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