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Twisted Science shaolin monk

tha crown scrounge around / tha way it sound sounds like a hundred rounds / thoughts rip out cartilage / put up a tarp / tha God of art / articulate, lick tha bitch down to her ligaments with ill styles blunted / honey had him flippin’ pilates with her / went to God for booty-calls to let him rock tha cock up in her / whips n chains / dick riders give Atlanta’s branch stamina / Twisted Science tha Pen Champ lampin’ pensive / serve a sentence behind tha cameras / savages sniffin’ ‘caine n shards of pink champagne/ I’m starved with rap pangs I feed everyday / Lil Debbie cakes / spread your brain n I’ll feast it / I wolverine cerebrums n beat ‘em / girl, I’ll make your hair curl like Hasidi / aqui yo, look at me is how I greet a kid / we should all be Messianic, I’m tha Pekid Rap Jesus / Yeshua, Yirma Yahu / wait, I thought I lost you / really God, what’s tha cost of truth? droppin’ jewels of knowledge from Knolege’s noggin / it’s what my job is / rather my hobby / my job involves Glocks n robbery, n I’m locked in my 11 x 13 office hostage in tha bing plottin’ tha next sting in 2023...
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