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Default ffffffffff

"put your clothes back on"


naw its time to get dirty mow time...

"disciplining yourself against such practices is like pulling a girdle around a volcano expecting that to keep it under wraps - and this leads to violence and extreme violence -"

a raw vegan diet and being internally clean will help with that...clean internal organs, clean bloodstream...fasting too...right about now mah sexuality is asleep and thats good cuz the last fiasco with dat bitch was a result of too much flirting and sexuality...since her eye have not flirted with a single female....eye recently did a 10 day fast and during the fast eye wondered if eye would ever get an erection ever again...then one of mah fresh out of high school neighboorhood females came up behind me and rubbed me affectionately on mah shoulder and he became erect immediatly...eye was like YES!!!!....he stilll works....but gonna take mah sweet time choosing mah next female cuz eye want her to be the last sexual partner eye ever have....

"sickness is sickness - addressing the sickness is the beginning to healing - but you'd have to let a doctor know what is bothering you when you are sitting on that cold metal table - you don't want him to tell you what he wants to tell you your problem is - he'll most likely pick the most expensive one to fix - "

care to elaborate?????

okay..eye be thinking about this little debate beetween you and eye sunny winters in real life so here's what eye think
1)if eye shit on mah self...dammit om going to go take a shower...problably gonna throw those clothes away...eye generally like showering after eye drop turd anyways...
2)if eye piss on mah self...dammit om going to go take shower....problably throw those clothes away too...
3)if eye get a runny nose om just gonna wipe it and keep it shower
4)alot of times after eye work out being drenched with sweat eye don't even take a shower...

you get mah point? anal sex is fee-who'll fee
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