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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post

i'm a nasty fuckin clean person - there is no debate

lol - but remember somewhere you wrote that even if there were no women on the planet you'd still wash your ass ?

if there were only men on the planet, you would have never learned how to wash your ass - if there were no women, men would never wash they ass -
nasty fuckin clean person....hillarious!!!!!

well....dayum...eye love you so much sunny eye wanna agree with you but really....NOBODY taught me how to wipe mah ass mom did not teach me father didn't either...they basically just threw me in the bathroom with sum toilet paper and we all know you can't clean you ass properly with just toilet paper unless you got the healthiest BM's on the planet

eye really learned how to do it correctly on mah own...basically high school rolled around....eye really wanted to get sum pussy...eye was still getting shit stains...and eye figured it out on mah own...

so maybe what eye just wrote does prove your point..

but really...eye think without women civilized men who don't want filthy diseased assholes would still clean they ass properly....

maybe we can channell the first human who came out of tripple darkness.....

*knowcheeze lights a candle and looks into a crystal ball*

thats why we really need to start a foundation to get adults to teach they ceeds to clean they ass problem...cuz women ain't teaching they ceeds to do it correctly for the most part....
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