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crowds are captivated ‘n’ vaccinated ‘n’ brains are left in disarray when I sway my pen, I’m in tha trade of sin ‘n’ earn Earthly wages / tha rage of a Caucasian caged in advantageous ‘n’ I’m titillated by tha way I spit / fill your face with an iron clip, grace under fire / my sky blue irises are recessive, anti-depressants dressed in leotards / stop eyein’ my bulge yo, feel like I’m dyin’ slow from multiple sclerosis of tha dome / hone in on my strengths of vocalized martial artistry, chinky eyes’ how I reside, I build tha cross with carpentry / I choke ninjas with they own arteries, leviathan elocution generated mighty bars, War of tha Stars like George Lucas / I brood with witty exclusives that’s explicit, keep you knot distant, I just may kiss it ‘n’ order death upon the ignorant/ I’ve just 1 question, are you a friggin’ idiot?
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