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Originally Posted by Pestilence View Post
Liking this so far, nothing spectacular but good music all around. Anyone got production credits?
Disc 1: Scalpel

1. Rain (Interlude)
2. Father's Day | Producer: Apollo Brown
3. Eight Beginnings (Interlude) featuring Mystic | Producer: Apollo Brown
4. Have 2 | Producer: E-Swift (of Tha Alkaholiks)
5. It's Not Too L8te | Producer: Stu Bangas
6. Wicked Church | Producer: Toba Beats
7. Silent Art Child | Producer: Southpaw
8. Broken Halo | Producer: Sid Roams (Joey Chavez + Bravo)
9. Anything | Producer: Wyldfyre
10. Hell Song featuring Tech N9ne (Tech Nine) | Producer: Wyldfyre
11. Bad Man Bible | Producer: Wyldfyre
12. Mama Told Me | Producers: DJ Khalil; J Thrill
13. Afraid Of Nothing | Producer: Kwame
14. Can Be | Producer: Apollo Brown
15. Arm Yourself featuring Sick Jacken (of Psycho Realm); Immortal Technique; DV Alias Khrist | Producer: Wyldfyre
16. No Damn Good For Me (Scarlet Intro) | Producer: Lounge Lizzards
17. Sleep In Scarlet | Producer: Focus
18. Nahh | Producer: Focus
19. Eye | Producer: House Shoes
20. Reguarding Elizabeth (Save Me) featuring Travis Barker | Producer: Soul Professa

Disc 2: Chapel

1. Black Rosary 8AM | Producer: Apollo Brown
2. Closer To God | Producer: Oh No
3. Little Man | Producer: Focus
4. Figure It Out | Producer: Focus
5. Xross Your Heart featuring Bun B (of UGK) | Producer: Focus
6. Buried In Vocabulary featuring The Horse Shoe Gang | Producer: Level 13
7. Missing You 8PM (Interlude) | Producer: Apollo Brown
8. Crazy Love | Producer: Exile (of Emanon)
9. Take It Back featuring Rakaa Iriscience (of Dilated Peoples); Roc Marciano (of U.N.) | Producer: Apollo Brown
10. N.I.C.E. | Producer: Nick Wiz
11. Kings featuring Big Pun (aka Big Punisher) | Producer: Focus
12. 90 Bars Of Intervention | Producer: Focus
13. The Hype Man (Interlude) | Producer: Soul Professa
14. Latino's Stand Up (Remix) featuring Sick Jacken (of Psycho Realm); B-Real (of Cypress Hill); Thirstin Howl III; Sinful; Kid Frost | Producer: Focus
15. Gone | Producer: Izzy The Kid

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