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give a rat’s ass about your swag crab, work on your vocab broham, I’m doper than a quarter-gram smoked or slammed or thrown up your nostril / Socrates ‘n’ Aristotle, tropical trees puff Hippocrates/ thoughts Mephistopheles major, show up to a cipher with 16s hot ‘n’ humid like equator breeze / more rude than maître d’s straight trained in gay pa-ree / I don’t like it when bitches kiss, that shit is gay to me / praise me, I wrote a rhyme that broke tha nine’s safety / fully auto y’all that talk a good talk, cyber bully y’all with verbal bullets / in tha ‘80s I rocked a mullet, in ’95 tha Purple Tape preached upon tha pulpit / well-sculpted sultan Science brolic metabolic apostle apostrophe, it’s tha God in me ‘n’ I follow policy / fuck college ‘n’ olive branches get snapped in half, Clark Wallabees show me off scholarly…
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