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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
here's an article eye wrote recently after eye did 10 days of only drinking the last time eye blazed weed was on da equality day of september didn't get much love on facebook..lets cee how yaw like it...

"the first gate, the 7th sense, goldenrod and the angel"

...eye have heard it said that plants were human's first teachers...eye percieve this as truth because eye have been blessed with so many jewels of knowledge by the female entity found when eye inhale weed smoke...certain times when eye have been playing music, having sexual intercourse or "praying/meditating" eye have entered the spirit real...
m but it happens way more often and much more vividly during those 3 acts when that weed smoke has blessed mah lungs...when eye enter the spirit realm space and time dissappears...its looks completely different...its a world of neon colors...its very similar to being inside a living impressionistic painting that glows...many times off dat weed smoke eye been in the spirit realm and eye feel mah shelf being pulled into the higher faster vibrating levels of the spirit realm and eye get scared that eye won't be able to come back and that fear returns da God back to the physical universe...mah upper dimensional teacher Nagual Juan Matus and his lineage of Cee-er's teach that there is 2 types of dreaming...1)being in a dream where you actually think what is happening to you is really happening 2)manuvering through the dreamworld fully aware that your physical body is laying down "asleep" 2 the physical universe...da Nagual says that the first gate of dreaming is reached when you can consciously look at your hands(or another body part) while in the 2nd type of dreaming eye mentioned above...eye have been trying for years and years to reach the first gate...da Teacha KRS ONE says that the 7th sense is when you percieve that the physical universe, your environment, the people around you, your life's circumstances etc are all a SELF-INDUCED dreamstate caused by light energy...a dream created by your mind...and that the spirit realm is what is really real life because what is really real cannot ever be destroyed...and that the lower vibrating physical universe is where spirit beings get rest from the much higher vibrational spirit realm...yellow is the color of the solar plexus Khalik Allah says the solar plexus means the sun and the organs below the 3rd chakra is the earth and the ones above is the heavens...during mah fast eye had a dream where eye was looking for golden rod and there was yellow flowers everywhere but eye couldn't be sure it was goldenrod...eye took the meaning of that dream to be that when eye did start eating again eye should identify, pick and consume some goldenrod...eye learned that goldenrod is growing EVERYWHERE around a few days after mah fast ended eye had a salad on standby and eye went to the mah woods and picked a small amount of took 20 minutes to carefully remove all the insects from that little amount and eye still accidentally killed a few of the little Gods...then eye took a picture of it....then eye prepared and ate the salad with the goldenrod...then eye went to the laundry mat...that G-rod was mega powerfull...eye could feel that herb pulsating through mah system...eye returned round midnight made sure the 3 hours needed to digest the salad had passed...took a few gulps of water and felt morpheous tugging at mah eyelids...when eye lay down in the bed eye felt a sensation like eye was felt like eye had taken sum kind of power plant...eye started to ax mah shelf seriously "do you remember anyone ever saying that goldenrod was a hallucinagenic?"...then eye started repeating a mantra..."the physical universe is the are about to be awake"...over and over...eye started feeling like eye was moving faster and faster and for the first time that eye can ever recall in mah life eye was in the dreamworld fully aware that mah physical body was laying in the bed...all eye saw was yellow flowers everywhere...then eye heard the mischievous laughter of females and this female angel appeared to me...eye had never ceen anything like this in mah life....eye was pretty terrified and eye really had trouble looking at her...she said "you have been very obedient...and you followed our orders and ate the golden rod"...then almost laughing she kept on repeating...."this is where you wanted to go right?"..."you really wanted to come here right?"...the laughter of the females in the background got louder...eye couldn't even answer her...then eye started moving at the speed of light it seemed like...and eye was propelled in a lush world of yellowness...eye was terrified...have you ever been smoking weed and you think of a thought so profound that you scramble to remember it and in that scramble you completely loose it...thats what happened next...eye had a thought that was so profound it pretty much summed up mah whole life and in a desperate attempt to hold on to that thought eye returned back to the physical world...the next day the female angel would sporadically talk to me throughout the day...eye stay hearing all types of voices and entities but this angel in particular has been speaking to me mah whole life and om thankfull to have identified her...alot of the more toxic entities talk to me way too much but this angel doesn't bombard me with convo...eye was at the park and she kept on telling me how beautiful eye am and eye damn near started crying when she said that...she even gives me hints on how to make beats and so far she has been on point...and with the goldenrod its crazy...whenever eye think of goldenrod eye start feeling like om gonna throw up...and whenever eye cee that plant eye look at it with much respect...eye wanna show much appreciation and gratitude to you female angel whatever your name is...
yo man sounds like a wonderful experience
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