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There was a conflict of interests. AP, in my opinion, would rather stick to asking questions, stupid questions, and also creating a world where death doesn't exist and as we "go elsewhere in the world", the world will expand to accomodate us. I really think of it more like entertainment now, especially since when I ask for proof, just as he does, all he can do is run from the question. I told him that I wasn't going to bother with him on the spiritual disagreements anymore. Still, not only does he change his quote in a pathetic and honestly juvenile attempt to make me angry, he also continues to post 'proof' of his belief i na never-ending effort to further this 'debate'.

It's simple, I don't think what he 'believes' makes a whole lot of sense. I got involved because it involved my way of life and a twisted version thereof.

He's fine questioning you, but if you do the same to him, he feels threatened.

He'll call all religious people crazy, but he'll say that one sect of religious people speak a truth that we all should follow. No matter the contradictions of the 'teaching'.

He believes in what he can see and touch. He doesn't believe in the unseen. I do. That's his problem. I have faith in the unseen and he needs something to run up and smack him in the face for it to be real.

He's also mad because I'm probably the only one that's actually questioned the logic behind a lot of what he says.

"Death is unnecessary." for example.

All he could do was go back to my post about Gabriel. The same thing his little friend did. Asking the same question I asked him in regards to "the world expanding to accomodate the Human population." I asked for proof or if this was wishful thinking. Knowing that he couldn't answer either one, he took the common way out, as I knew he would. What I posted about Gabriel I do hold to be true. Why? Simple, I believe God does anything He pleases, and a pathetic creature like man has no right to question any of it. That's me though. He'd rather hide behind questions instead of admit that a lot of what he believes is flat-out stupid.

Personally, I could care less about him or what he believes. *knows he'll probably re-post the above statement and attach a "likewise" to it.* Again, it's more entertaining than anything else. People who defend their belief have always been hated by those who have no faith and would sooner follow the whims of a man. Nothing's changed but the date.

I think it's just fear. It's easier to question and come up with radical conclusions in order to make yourself feel better about your lack of faith. That's why we see a lot of people who merely represent their 'beliefs' by a necklace or a language. All the while never doing the necessary work that goes with that belief. Either because they have little to no faith, or they're afraid of what the next person might think.

Sue me. I'm not any of the above, nor will I willingly sit back and watch what I consider to be a fairy tale dished out, without having at least something to say.

I'm stern resistance. That's why he doesn't seem to cater too well to me. Nor I with him, but then, that was never the plan. We disagreed from the start. I take it all in stride now though, because say what you will, death tells the truth on us all and I can't wait to see who's right.

"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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