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Originally Posted by APSU View Post
First let me clear this up right quick - you look extremely foolish saying what your saying to people who have been building with me on this subject for a few years now - your summary of me and the assumptions you make is whats getting you stomped out on these boards.

lets start with the very first question i asked - well lets look at the first three

Valid questions to me - you answered - but you seemed to be annoyed that someone was questioning you on what you were saying.

i say that death is unnatural and unecessary - i never said that it does not exist - if you calm your ass down and stop getting exited over nothing, you will be able to read whats being typed with a clear mind

You do believe in an after life right ?

whats the difference ?

i say that you do not have to die - you say that when you die you live - which one sounds more rational ?

like you ran from this one ?

Originally Posted by Shropsher_Slasher
Now Gabriel (upon whom be peace). Muhammad (pbuh) described Gabriel, in his true form, as having 420 pairs of wings. In the cave of Hira, when Gabriel was first sent to Muhammad (pbuh), Muhammad (pbuh) returned home shaking, sweating and his heart beating furiously. He was also very cold.

then i asked

you never answered - you just showed us that you got annoyed/upset with this question in particular - called it a stupid question and claimed i was hopeless - thats where it got bad for you - but your so blind that you cannot even see thats it has gotten bad for you -

and you lied - and kept writing your 500 word essays filled with corny insults
calling me a moron for questioning your angel with the 840 chicken wings on his back that he uses to fly down from heaven to give people messages in a cave -

i don't deal in belief and every one here knows this but you - my sig goes out to you and all the religious fanatic spook BELIEVERS

says the guy who believes in beings that have 840 wings

ask all the questions you want - may be i'll make a thread dedicated to all the questions you feel i ran away from - quote these questions of yours that i ran away from . i'll wait.

what "sect" of religion am i saying is correct ?
i'll wait.

again - i do not deal in belief - why would i waste my time trying to believe in something written about in a 1500 year old book ?

you can go on and look for ghost and unseen beings - you can call on them with magic words and you can even bow down to the sun in their name in fear that if you do not you'll go to hell - thats you - i don't deal in any of that bullshit -

you have no choice but to believe in the unseen - thats a blind mans life

i would rather wait for that smack than to fear something that i cannot see, hear,feel, or explain - you can go on and be afraid of that unseen shit that you cannot explain -

LMAO ! you are truly a newbie

a believer in the afterlife is pointing the finger - did ISA/Yeshua die ?

and i asked you werte the 840 wings you claim gabriel has are on his back
you ran from answering that for like 3 days now.

when you answer that question with out catching a tity fit, i'll consider you mature enough to build with me -


you believe in a being with 840 wings - again i do not deal in belief - mostly all of this shit is entertainment to me - but your a newbie, you wouldn't know this.

you are a religious fanatic

i see that your favorite word is > BELIEF < - This is KNOW the ledge -

fuck faith, hope, and belief.

you have more than something to say - you talk to much and your words hold no weight - real talk -

so shut up and wait until you die

you BELIEVE all the answers will be given to you when your body is laying in a coffin or your ashes are in an urn.

i see your BELIEF as foolish and childish - i also see how you treat others who do not believe in your bullshit as religious fanaticism -
Just so you know....I have no idea what you said because I'm 99% sure that it was all more of your common variety trash. I was talking to LHX, not you.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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