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witty with tha wordplay, subvert tha cities with my urbane flow like grade ďAĒ blow that cakes tha rim of your nose / I been sick since tha genesis of the United Statesí segregation from tha British kids / I talk shock like Howard Stern on Ritalin, tha God on terra firma like tha RZA Ďní them / malitov thoughts burn slow from L.A. barrios back to boroughs / I burgle neurals, Africoid to Euro, fuck tha world like buxom girls thatís voluptuous thatís thick in tha thighs, pull out, turn her around Ďní bust gizm in her eyes / but still you canít see me, so much smoke in tha tee pee from me Ďní my folk smokiní tha green leaf / I streetsweep any MC, believe me, you ainít gotta be from a ghetto to be ghetto / say hello to my little friend, tha lead goes in thru your throat, ya shoulda thought yo before you fuckení spokeÖ

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