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tracks is heavily sedated like opiates to tracheas, tha haziest, dragon chasin’ MCs, my flow’s subterranean / transliterate my name to Transylvanian, Russian or which ever has backwards “Rs” in its languages / purveyor of wicked ways, obliterate you half-wayers / my distinct style’s handmade while your shit was created on conveyors / where I’m from we’re all haters, tha gun sprays 1st ‘n’ I become a taker / breathin’ heavy like Darth Vader, sportin’ a paisley scarf ‘n’ a fist fulla razors, Milo’s mindstate is multi-layered / excavate from my brain demons ‘n’ cut Satan’s face off, wavin’ my dual-bladed sword, let’s see who plays God/ incinerate when I expatiate words of flame / flourish when I nourish a purist who can endure what I encourage / it’s many fewer, delve the aint’s that ain’t doers / mini-chickens got tha contour ‘n’ heavy allure / skewer minds open like 3 lines of coke ‘n’ a fat bowl of prope dope with my elongated pupils freebasin’ / behold, tha pale horse I’m on, workin’ for God / takin’ lives away from tha beginning of tha song…

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