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my narratives is novels, autobiographic 24 carats in a pair of clips, spared tha tariff I inherited / heretics is squares on barren land, reach the oasis, tha Amadeus Mozart of rap creates when tha AK spit / middle finger to your earhole like dicks in labias, pull out ‘n’ cum in tha radius of her face ‘n’ miscellaneous / commercial rappers get choked wearin’ logos of corporation affiliation on their chains ‘n’ shit / I stay subterranean ‘cuz underground’s where Hip Hop remains untainted / I’ma skip tha nation ‘n’ change my name to French Canadian ‘n’ start sprayin’ verbal abrasions / lacerations, there’s no vaccination or innoculation to protect away from tha blatant flagrant hatred in my statements / defamation of characters, decoration with characatures armed with Derringers, I swear y’all act like Tom Berrenger with your Screen Actors’ Guild card / I’ve many scars on my dome ‘n’ wear a scarf when I rob foes/ if you got hoes, protect ‘em ‘cuz I’m chasin’ that gushy cock pussy, just to let in on it, I’m Twisted…
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