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I went to see it last night in New York

they brought out a white guy from New Hampshire who spit ultra fast lyrics...pretty skilled but no one was into it.

second guy: jewish from brooklyn, he was ok, but again no one really into him.

supernatural: fantastic as usual, this guy is so talented it's ridiculous! best part of the show.

U-god: played like 4 or 5 songs, but just his verses from wu-songs and then he did a few of his Dopium songs (hips, and some other)

Rza: he was cool at first, passing around bottles of grey goose and patron, throwing champagne around, but he let 2 guys that were on stage rap for like 10 min... I don't think he even said their names... but again no one into them since nobody knows them or their lyrics...
and then he played a portion of another song and left... it felt like he was there for 20min... I'm sure it was more, but it seemed like the show should be more like: Rza presents a bunch of unknowns.
I enjoyed it, and was happy to only pay $25 for it. I was front row which was cool.
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