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with Glad bags of Pamprin, you pussy cats can’t backtrack tha pain enacted from tha rough drafts I’ve crafted / graphic gashes are established ravenous, underground undergraduate, semi-automatic splashes happen to half-wits / I slash them ‘n’ leave their souls cavernous then repack their physique with clean rap like dishes in tha kitchen cabinet / I slap fact yo ‘n’ kick swag right in the gonads / now, look at my throat tat, I carry tha globe upon my back ‘n’ make Atlantis reappear on tha map / heads get cracked when I grammatically click-clack / I sniff glass until my heart race, fryin’ my brain off 3 tablets of acid ‘n’ eatin’ Artane ‘n’ all my bars is flame / got a Latin bitch with ass like a Kardashian ‘n’ when you see tha God make sure that you say gra-cias / for blessin’ your cabbage with classic extravagance / off on separate tangents, ADHD ‘n’ traumatic brain damages…
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