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Originally Posted by THE GENIUS View Post
since when did you get into all this stuff

In the past I already thought of similar things and the first couple of points are obvious when you think about it.

Point 7 was well thought
ive always been in2 it. and when schopenhauer thought of all this it was very influential no one thought of it. people couldnt understand him at first until many years later. only other people who really thought of it were hindus and buddhists. but schopenhauer was far more complex and convincing than them.

i think the first points were the most complex. kant said that we experienced all things through the senses but he said there could still be a objective things and truths cuz we dont know about things in themselves. however schopenhauer showed that we know our body and showed that everything is subjective. theres no objective world. which was a huge statement.
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I wonder if she has cancer because women that are bald headed usually have cancer.

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