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He ethered himself when he put that clown suit on

That video really makes me wanna punch somebody, I mean fuck hopsin anyway but I think this guy might have taken his spot as the corniest rapper of all time. I cringed through the entire video.

This guy is like a rejected mid 90's WWF Gimmick, back when they had The Repo Man & Duke the Dumpster and all them other corny motherfuckers

And I thought those fruity contacts hopshit wears were annoying, smh @ this guy. I'm glad I'm the only one home, that shit was so bad I feel like I would have had to explain why it was on if somebody walked in.

The most embarrassing part of this bullshit is that now Hopshit is gonna have to admit he was friends with this guy once, it's like if you had a high school buddy who went on to become a sex offender, and he walks up to you in public talkin bout "Whats Up man, how you been", you gotta be like "Sorry man, I dont know you" and walk away.

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