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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
Nice vid. I've read some of his works a few times. Interesting stuff. I find him easier to read than other philosophers. He gets to the point.

He studied Buddhism deeply and it is suggested that he may have built on some of it's prevailing ideas. Maybe his ideas where shunned cuz of the connection or maybe his ideas where shunned cuz he opposed Kant. Or maybe something else.
i think its none of those reasons. i dont even think he was shunned that much. i think his ideas were 2 radical 4 people to understand him. he was more ignored than shunned. his mum told him no one woul read his books cuz they were 2 complex.

i howver prefer schopenhauers predecessor nietzsche. both nietzsche and schopenhauer were nihilists. however schopenhauer was life negating as was buddhism and believed in losing all will and wanted to escape life cuz he thought it had 2 much suffering.

nietzsche however drew more inspiration from the greeks and was life affirming. he also believed the world/universe didnt exist but he created the concept of an ubermensch who created his own values and his own world. nietzsche believed in will to power. and cuz he believed in creating ur own world and ur own values he believed creative will was the most important thing and that art was the most important task in the world.
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