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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
I own the book and find it useful in knowing what others may do to you. I have found that some people can be so evil and have used or tried to use these techniques against me, but I saw it for what it was and lessened or eliminated it's effect on me. One needs to understand the games people play.

Also, check the bibliography, a certain book in there grabbed my attention. It is called "The Art of Worldy Wisdom" by Baltasar Gracian. The fundamental laws of the 48 laws was based on this book for the most part. You can get it online here:

Read that book which is about 300 short aphorisms of wise sayings and u don't need the 48 laws. It's much more concise.
i have that book (art of worldly wisdom) on my kindle. surprisingly gza stole some of the qoutes in it and put it in his song 'breaker breaker'
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I wonder if she has cancer because women that are bald headed usually have cancer.

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