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word is bond, from Surahs in tha Qur’an to tha 23rd Psalm, tha God Knolege studies estudious with crews that spit theosophy / Hippocratic, I came to feed tha famished brandishin’ metaphorical crack rap slang / 16ths are half 8ths, solid change to soluble when flame hits it/ open tha chrysalis, smokin’ hits tha brain better than sniffin’ it / drugs I regret, I object, eject the eclectic cassette deck, thoughts is treacherous ‘n’ I pledge to spit till 2076 / that’s segue to infer you ain’t too old for this Hip Hop shit/ I’m so sick, cliques is nauseated by my appearances / dearest dearly beloved, you covet my heated discussion / I’m disgusted muthafucker / shove it, you know you love it, 16 measures in couplets / bubble goose feathered-up ruffian, maladjusted, rupture to spit when tha drums kick…

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