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The state of road cycling is a sad affair. Anyone that watches any of the grand tours each year (Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, La Vuelta) are just let down weeks/years later by doping results/scandals. While watching some of the stages over the years, you can almost look back and see miraculous recoveries after the winners (Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck, Floyd Landis, etc.) have struggled tremendously on the stages before they make a breakaway which wins them the tour. Especially in the Alps stages.

Lance killing it after a crash in the Alps

Floyd Landis killing it after the stage before he was dropped

At this point in the game, it only hurts the cycling community to make such a "shitshow" years later of Lance Armstrong. Is he guilty? Probably. Should they strip away his awards. No. It appears that the majority of riders were on some drug enhancements. Many of the runner ups to Lance Armstrong (Jan Ullrich, Alberto Contador, Alexandre Vinokourov) have already been found guilty at one point in their career. The scary part is that none of the drug tests that Lance or his teammates did over the 7 years came back positive for enhancements. His main domestique, George Hincapie, admitted to doping and he was never once suspected or had a false test. So if his team(s) can pass hundreds of tests, I'm sure other teams that had his former riders on it were as well.

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