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I get in scuffles with tha pen ‘n’ padded paper comes out tha victor / lines of rhyme formulate a force that calms my vocal cords like horse whispers / verbal chloroform is born when my sword’s drawn from it’s sheath ‘n’ I behead tha rap sheet / I make Actifed outta speed / rewind tha tape cassette to hear tha rhyme again, I’ll blow out your speakers, from bass to mid-range to tweeters / you say you real son? well I’m realer, with tha energy comin’ out my hands like holistic healers / resplendant sentence indented, if we’re equal, than why’m I chivalrous? thought for food, my thought eats you / is Milo Twisted or is he askew? Knolege accrues, from a crew of BUDSMOKERZ, oh I thought you knew / I stay obtuse…

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