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Twisted Science shaolin monk

shame on a “N” word, when I spit, mics burn to cinders / borrowers become lenders ‘n’ MCs switch to transgenders / Twisted universal Scientific, explicit virtual broke tha transistor from just 1 whisper / 16 Heinekins, 16 bars from tha artist formerly known as tha cat formally charged as tha kidnapper of your favorite lil rapper / attack his swagger, strangle it after I stab it with half a verse/ a braggart, flippant, you crabs is sav / I’m transcendant, collab with tha Genius, bring Hip Hop back like Lazarus / leave tha discus spinnin’ with sentences indented / sendin’ javelins off Mt. Olympus, note tha asterisk / I establish paragraphs that’s hazardous, tha Caucasoid pro-Black activist / I Zig Zag Zig with Knolege God, attain tha Wisdom to Understand it / remember, I smoke mics so I got tha method Man “M” tatted…
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