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I shoot rap crabs like slobs ‘cuz yo, that’s my fuckin’ job / treat ‘em like Lebanon until their heads come off / machete rap, scimitars ‘n’ gats hidden as bars under my Starter jacket / tha state feeds me, I’m still starvin’ so I embark endeavers that sever MCs who only look for rap placement on tha charts / captivate with Science, these youngsters is trapped tryin’ to grab tha devil’s ices / I’m tha Devil that slept with Isis / ate with Christ ‘n’ them / on highest, I shine with a verbal diadem / pass tha mic, my rhyme ignites like 9s ‘n’ wicks to bricks of dynamite / activate, smack you in tha face I advocate ‘cuz you didn’t abdicate with your wack cake, go on a diet / Science eyes bluer than tha sky is / you waste studio time, my styles’ triflin’, I stifle kids with homemade knives, roarin’ loud as lions / on Nature’s assignment to eradicate tha mic…
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