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my flammable lyrics burn CDs tyrannical, to leave my name on tha map I go against tha granule / on a state-sponsored sabbatical, I battle life 1st hand ‘cuz life’s a bitch, so I smoke grams, with my brohams / I’m, so flam-boyant, show up to St. Croix with rap toys ‘n’ MCs get moistened / my pen throws weight on tha lower 48 states, in tha pen I’ll still smash your face, take your limbs ‘n’ amputate ‘em / captivate tha masses when I take their favorite rap clique ‘n’ stab ‘em like Sharon Tate, I’ll let their faces aerate / holes get punched in these fakes that I subjugate, love is hate so I fuck Fate from tha back with tha roughest drafts / ruffneck Science clad in iron, duckin’ from tha sirens / I burst virgin verbal hymens ‘n’ let tha blood splash / plus I rap a tactic of ruckus, suffix tha prefix / peep this, I’ll lie to your face like White Jesus chains I snatch / y’all get sliced in half for singin’ like T-Pain, Drake or Lil Wayne’s gay ass / Twist of Fate, I ate tha paragraph, regurgitated phrases that’s made into slang clichés vis-à-vis a rebate for this just handed in / lavishly estudious graphic displays of gratuitous adjectives are packed in tha clips / attack surveyors in tha abdomens as tha purveyor of verbal javelins that pierce they pancreas…
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