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fuck tha frillyness, real thugs ain’t for this pretty shit spit by you idiots whose grills get split by tha militant Che Guevarra Science al-Sayyid, snatch your Dolce Gabannas, hold what I say like katanas ‘n’ swipe salaries / in tha house of greed there’s only 1 mouth to feed ‘n’ I’m starvin’ / stuck to Hip Hop like adhesive under carpets / these bars harvest darkness like a dinosaur carcass hunched up in tha La Brea Tar Pits / I scar wigs like a broke Nintendo cartridge / in regards to coke, that shit’s retarded / my bars is barbed ‘n’ froze tha track up like tha arctic ‘n’ your flow, that shit is garbage yo, go study your thesaurus yo / armed with karma, evolved like Darwin, I barge in ejectin’ nuclear carnage laced with Agent Orange / thoughts range from laborious to simplistic, don’t you ever get Science Twisted / iron fires from my fist quick ‘n’ lives get rescinded, I’m Christ-like at the height of your God recipience…

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