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Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
Yes, I am. That's the only thing I can think of. It takes a lot to knock someone out. In her case, an adrenaline rush kicked in and she fought back.

Did she get what she deserved? Yes, but damn! The bus driver was probably an asshole about the bus fair and then words were exchanged. Most bus drivers are bitches and dicks in the inner city. Fights on the bus happen all the time in Detroit. Bus drivers have no social skills what's so ever.
ive been in a couple of fights and i play rugby and i can say 4 definite that its adrenaline. once adrenaline kicks in u cant feel any pain even if a lorry hit u. i once broke my collar bone in rugby and i felt no pain afterwards until 2 minutes later it hurt like fuck.

where i live most bus drivers r definite dickheads. i knew this one woman bus driver and she was running late and she was supposed to be at the next stop at lets say, 4 convenience sake cuz i cant exactly remember, 0740. but she was 2 minutes late and arrived at 0742. there was a queue at the bus stop but one woman was running from behind and just about reached the queue in the nick of time. when this woman went to pay the bus driver the bus driver told her to get off the bus cuz to get on the bus she had to be at the bus stop at 0740 and not just when the bus arrives

majority of bus drivers r wankers.
Originally Posted by CharlesJones View Post
I wonder if she has cancer because women that are bald headed usually have cancer.

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