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Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
the greeks went to africa to study.
the most "primitive" cultures of the world are the most in balance with nature.
civilizations of the past were more advanced than to civilizations of today.

rakimwutang is a confused faggot.
yes the greeks did indeed go to egypt and got many ideas from the kemites. afterwards they created their own ideas. i dont know how this has anything to do with what i said.

theres no such thing as "balance with nature". that theory has largely been descredited. nature is usually chaotic. it doesnt follow set rules.

but id like 2 know exacly what u mean by "blance with nature".

catastrophe theory and chaos theory are more widely accepted than the theory of the balance of nature.

ur 3rd sentence is a joke. how the fuck are ancient civilisations more advanced than civilisations 2day. im pretty sure no ancient civilisation ever went past the stage of th industrial revolution
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