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I took mushrooms many times. I jumped out a window like Luigi from Mario brothers sliding face first down a roof from a second story and landed on my feet, not caring because someone said a raid was coming. Talked to trees, skateboards stretching, walls breathing.

I noticed a sort of tying together and a percieved increased understanding of my surroundings. As if i could feel thoughts.

I was amazed and blown away by a Dave Mathews concert on TV.

Mushrooms i found to be terrifying and painful. Especially when i was playing GTA and the screen went white and i traveled into the TV! A lady in a white dress kept coming from the ground and the cealing.

Acid was a more clean high that lacked any pain. I saw bats in the corner, the leaning tower of Pisa in my backyard, and an Usher video never was so incredible.

Dust just had me feeling like Frankenstien, and music was much more profound and colorful. I felt like i was floating but not floating. I didn't like that one.

Although I think some things in these drugs possibly contain a key to understanding the universe. I think their are more natural and safer ways to find these things.

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