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Twisted Science shaolin monk

Science, unbiased when tha 45 kicks like a pregnant chick, sperm travel with the exodus / take precedences, bless-ed is tha kid Twisted fastidious, I can’t stomach rap as is / address me as his highness Science derived as God Body, laud me groggy, wide awake, doper than poppy seeds / dragon chasin’, checkin’ shorty curvaceous with tha fat bum, thighs ‘n’ titties plus she got a pretty face / thin waist, I eviscerate mics ‘n’ simulate sex, the apex of verbal minuets, I’ll cut off all 7 heads / so Protect Ya Neck like I was a killa bee, my steez sharp artillery, fly fatal like guillotines / leave you dumbfounded like mental disabilities, bust you in tha mouth with tha butt of a 4 pound ‘n’ snort tha crystalline / methamphetamine drips down your throat, you see me, kowtow until there’s brown on your nose / vowed to abscound with vengeance, See-Alikes sharp as diamond cutters, resplendent sentences rounded to tha hundredths / end your sufferin’, my suicidal ideation’s carried out with my dyslexia, I put tha gun in your mouth / vexed with duress I, snap bongloads of cess, higher than propeller-headed Cessnas, playin’ 21 conjectures / my erections measure 47 hectares of flesh, get your metrics to line up against my verbal Tetris / fuck a sycophantic yesman, pay my severance or I’ma start severin’ heads kid / tha power vested in Twisted heals ill thought holistic, when I cough ballistics accost caustic sentences…
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