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on a whim in Bronze Timbs, what God spits gets simpletons drenched in metaphoric euphemisms / what Twist said before impregnates wisdom / break through profitactics ‘n’ galactic belts of chastity with Milo’s supergizm / you Vs. me is like mafioso after eyetalian kissed ‘em / I spit a death wish ‘n’ leave exit wounds with no entrances / you get “boos” from tha crowd ‘n’ I slash “boos” like O.J. Simpson did / I leave tha joint runnin’ like white Ford Broncos / tha White Rap Sancho, fuckin’ mami chula, have her callin’ me effin’ Papi Chulo / eclectic eccentric, epileptic / Science is omni ‘n’ you’re not even present / you jive turkey, dressed in bread crumbs ‘n’ croutons / you’re so pussy, explain to your seed why he got 2 moms / I splash guerilla, Viet Cong / clash with what Milo cast, your corny-ass’ll get gonged / my poetry attacks like this a ‘90s throwback…
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