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knewmucus drunken mastaknewmucus drunken masta
Default ffffffff

you'll have 2 forgive TSA...he's our special little guy here at wucorp!!!!!

he's special....which is a nice way to say he's slow

om guessing the government pays his rent because he takes his abilify pills like a good boy

he believes the fairy tale that the NOI killed Malcolm X

he thinks that its a good thing when children get bullied in school...he says it makes them tougher or sum shit

he's one wacky cracker owl tell you what

what om wondering is how TSA knows what a butthole even looks like? be honest eye have no clue what a butthole looks like....eye almost wanna google image a butthole to cee if TSA is correct but that would make me just as big a fag as he is....perhaps TSA's butthole got bullied as a youth and he's mad at humanity for anally raping him...eye don't know.....but what om typing here defineatly shows om not on the 9th level of consciousnes....LOL

but yeah...TSA is a fuckin message board hack reiterate...great thread.....people defineatly do cee snakes in heightened awareness....actually when om out in the woods in snake infested area's that fear actually causes heightened reminded of something the great Sam7 was posting out there in cradle to the grave country about that kemetian symbol with the snakes wrapped around da pole or sum shit

also your thread made me realize that eye need to re-examine mah interpertation of the dimensions

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