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Originally Posted by liquidswordchamber36 View Post
my flow leaks fluids that the doctor aint even touching
infront of elders and youth im yelling and cussing
cause idont give a fuck
like taking pisses in public
i know the females loved it
because later on they all be given me kisses
and even later on they be doing all my dishes

your flamboyant steez has no buoyancy chamber 36, my CD changer exchanged you for tha Purple Tape / keep on workin ya lips but you ain’t sayin shit, I’d empty 16 yet it’s a waste of a clip, actin like you Perseus / Zeus got word of this n smited you duke for your lewd acts in public staircases / I quote Yeshua ben Yosef’s Aramaic in its American English translation / my country makes fun of queens n yours praises 1 cuz your Canadian / fuck it, I’ma go back to when Arabians were Mesopotamians, Science splash tha Tigris n tha Euphrates, never entertainin’ thoughts to sing like Drake or Julio Igesias / techs splash tha net with verbal threats liquid, you’ll need to flash a turtleneck to your next job interview God / oh, n use some rouge to cover those gayass passion marks / Vampire Diary Brokeback Mountain faggot, tossin salad shittybreath bitch…
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