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What's your thoughts on the 3rd season so far? Character development is pretty slow in this series so far. For some reason, I thought this series was only suppose to be 3 seasons?

I always thought Al Capone was going to have more of a role of an enforcer and be more of a lose cannon, but he's only had about 3-4 scenes of violence in the last 3 seasons.

I also thought Richard Harrow would avenge Jimmy Darmody death more in secrecy and from afar, especially after taken out Manny Horvitz and doing more sniper work in the 1st season. I wish he would of taken out Mickey Doyle instead of a rather lack luster development. When the time comes, they better take him out good, since Jimmy already through him off the 2nd floor.

They really haven't touched on Jimmy's death much, until the last episode. Not sure if we will hear too much more from it, or if the writers just wanted to show the series through his eyes for the first two seasons and not make him much of a major player (since he a fictional character and not worry about historical inaccuracy). I guess he helped touch on a lot of subjects back then with the war, prostitution, liquor, and gambling.

Was that one of Lucky Lucieno/Meyer Lansky's man (that almost got taken out 2 episodes ago on the sidewalk) that was trying to kill Gyp Rosetti? I missed if we've seen that character already. I imagine Arnold Rothstein called the hit but it seemed rather sloppy, so maybe Nucky went to the Murder Inc. crew about it.

After every episode, I feel let down like there should be more action, but then I can't wait until next weeks. I guess that's what makes a good series.

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