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"so, now that wutang isn't cool, do you still believe in this revisionist blackfacing of white achievements and cultures? "

do you have the abilify...oooops...eye mean the ability to cee the truth????? before eye even waste mah fuckin time....what "blackfacing of white achievements and cultures do u speaketh of?? any example in particular? Get back to me on that

on a notha note...are you aware that the corporate european used a whitefacing of history to conquer the world?...and to this day most people believe that you seriously lack the understanding and cee-ing skills to cee that in order for the world to be saved from the INEVITABLE destruction of the planet due to corporate white people ruling the planet that the myth imposed by the whitefacing of history MUST be changed????? eye mean the planet is FUCKED dude...but you are fucked too so eye understand why you problably can't cee it

furthermore what in your opinion is "cool"?

"Why do you value hebrews more than actual real ghanaians?"

finally you say something eye can actually agree with

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