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Originally Posted by Low-Key Lyesmith View Post
saying "eye" instead of "I" and "cee" instead of "see" is really gay and annoying
how is it annoying?

and how would that be gay?

do you mean happy gay or homo gay?

if you mean homo gay how would using slang english denote homosexuality?

are you aware that the most homosexuals who speak english would more than likely speak it properly using "I" and "see"?

are you aware that the people who believe that english people should rule the planet and that people must speak proper english are pretty much faggots themselves?

one last question...why are u on a Hip Hop message board saying such things????

you ceem to be more loyal to white culture than hip hop culture

get back to me on that son

in the meantime...eye speak slang english cuz eye don't believe english people have a god given right to rule the world...and eye SHIT on they fuckin language....

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