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Default ffffffffff

"you're a fucking ignorant toad. 5% ers and black americans were wildly ignorant as well."

give me an example of how eye am ignorant

a true 5 percenter by defineation cannot be wildly ignorant
a 85'er or 10 could who falsefully claims to be a 5 could
defineatly be wildly ignorant...perhaps even thinks baby killing is okay

of course a black american could be ignorant

cuz the term is a oxymoran

black=God and American=theif, murderer, pedofile, woman abuser

but at the same cannot deny that the most of the planet secretly or openly worships "black americans"...Gods chosen people!!!!!!!...and if they don't worship them they like sum Somalians....cursing black americans behind they back but they at the masjid in sum Sean Jean and Timbz copying the afro-american swag....

"You butt fuck"


eye have no clue

"everyone on and around the equator has 'african features'. Only people from temprate areas excluding far east asians have staight noses. Native Americans, Europeans, Central Europeans Arabs and ppl from India. half of africa doesn't have 'african features' due to their climate (Sahel, horn of africa, east africa) "

okay....true...but its quite apparent that Buddah was a certified "African"

"what you're calling 'black features' you butt fuck"

once do you know what a butthole looks like??? LOL!!!!

"are coastal tropical features that all coastal tropical people have. But you're too lazy to go and learn this in real life. You just make shit up because it's too hard to learn anything else. "

Captain obvious AKA TSA.....say something we don't already know
you making no sense right now...stop poppin them abilify's and tell that lunesta butterfly to take a hike

"so now you want to tell me that buddah has black features? so fucking what?"

hey MR. Strawman Rakimkoolg brought it up not me...yeah om witchyou on that.....SO FUCKIN WHAT!!!!!

"he was a prophet. There are actual black prophets in africa that are 150% black, so why are you scouring the globe for the white man's 'maybes'?"

om not scouring the globe for shit!!!!!

"Surprised that greeks looked black. Your ignorant lazy friends were surprised greeks weren't irish. dumb asses, and the greeks were wondering why all these niggers keep staring at them"

now how does my friends saying the greeks looked black make them ignorant and lazy just by making that comment???

you do have mental problems....solve them!!!!!!
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