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yup...TSA is clearly building with a white god with a lunesta butterfly flying around his head

"fucking thank you LOL. Exactly. It's completely ridiculous. Theyre so lazy and in love with white people that they can't even in their attempt to detach themselves from white people, detach themselves from white people

their rendition of history isn't that 'the bible is bullshit' when they're trying to prove the bible is bullshit, it's 'the bible is only true if you realize that everyone in it is actually black'
this is so pathetic. There are thousands of holy lures in actual africa about actual black people, why are you trying to force yourself into a white man's narrative as if it's the only one that exists?

they're lazy and pathetic. The guy was telling me the 'black people wrote the bible'. 1. no 2. so fucking what? Your fictional black people wrote your fictional bible, do you know the amount of shit black people have written through out history in general? Should i be proud that they wrote this 'bible'? what are you implying, that do discovered a black person can write a book? Or that the only book of importance is this bullshit bible? "

god dayum....3 paragraphs of nothing...congradulations

and fuck the bible and the Quran by the way....burn those scriptures

"how can you sit here and try to prove white people are bullshit then tell me 'the romans had 5 black emperors'. The fucking fulani have black emperors alive right now, why not talk about them? because the romans were white as fuck.


"so then why in your next post do you find greeks 'looking black' (aka not looking like scottish people because you're too dumb to actually learn how people look in the world other than black and white) so faggots in guatamala looking black and buddah looking black as moments of pride and disbelief? faggot."


you and rakimkoolg need to go get a hotel room and get it over with.....

both of yaw is saying absolutely nothing and throwing words like lazy up in there...

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