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Originally Posted by knowcheeze View Post
"yes ur right about being lazy and 5 percenters trying to prove gr8 random cultures are black and it makes them look bad cuz of their lazy approach."

how do you denote laziness with trying to prove random cultures are black????

ceems like more strawman tactics from you which is a form of laziness

how is wu tang looking bad?

wu tang has millions of fans around the planet and outer space so you just purjured yourself saying they look bad....if they looked bad they wouldn't have all those fans or even a fuckin message board dedicated to them....a message board that YOUR lazy ass frequents with your laziness

how many fans do you have???

om guessing your punk ass mom and your faggot ass dad

"and most of the time theyre wrong but cant see it cuz of their laziness."

could you give an example of where they are wrong?

"and if they actually studied history properly theyd see better examples of gr8 black cultures and people will take them more seriously."

you are on a message board dedicated to wutang.....obviously people take them seriously....if wu tang clan was in your presence physically right now eye doubt you would be saying this cowardly would problably take them seriously...its easy to talk shit behind a computer screen!!!!!!

how in your opinion should one study history properly?

"eg if 5 percenters looked at early statues of gautama theyd see that hes got african features"

5 percenters do look at statues of Buddah and cee he got african features

"but instead they hopelessly try and prove that greeks are black."

give me an example of a 5 percenter trying to prove that the greeks are black

eye have talked to so called African Americans who are southern baptist christians who went to greece and was amazed at how dark and african looking alot of the people there were

i never mentioned wu tang clan. all the things u said about them r therefore irrelevant.

i denote laziness as in not looking thoroughly into the history of something and making many assumptions.

5 percenters are wrong about many things such as yakub (apparently hes jacob from the bible but theres no evidence or historical documents whatsoever to say hes a sicentist who practised eugenics. this version of yakub being a eugenics scientist wasnt even mentioned b4 the 20th century)

the earth is around 4.5 billion years old with a 1% margin of error not trillions of years old like 5 percenters say. theres no evidence that humans split off the moon from earth.

i also found on wikipedia that wallace fard muhammad made this statement "In his supreme wisdom teachings he explains that because they are made weak, their recessive biological nature made them more susceptible to doing evil than the original people"

this is wrong and bad science 4 a number of reasons. first of all theres no such thing as "recessive biological nature". this is cuz evolution is a totally random process with no destination or aim so it cant b progressive nor can it be called recessive. different creatures adapt to their environments. eg people might say "a slug has a recessive biological nature cuz its weaker than other animals" but this statement would b wrong cuz a slug is perfectly adapted to its environment.

also "weak" is a very vague concept hes using. it depends what type of strength hes talking about. whites r better at certain strength tests than blacks and vice versa so thats also wrong.

also he seems to think "evil" is an objective entity. its not its subjective. eg a vegetarian thinks that eating animals is bad cuz its cruel but a lion thinks eating animals is good cuz it helps the lion to survive. saying that something can become more evil is wrong.

tbh its all just a whole lot of dogma which isnt even good or believable dogma. its the kind of dogma id expect from a religion in 2000BC. im pretty sure some of the comments on this video saying that greeks were black r frm 5 percenters.

i can tell u 4 certain that greeks today dont have negroid features and they do looktanned but not very black.

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