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Default fffffffff

"i never mentioned wu tang clan. all the things u said about them r therefore irrelevant."

the topic of the thread=
Now that wutang is uncool

"do you still believe the lies they(wutang) were told by black men that were too lazy to learn the truth"

so even if you didn't mention them by name you agreed with what TSA AKA buttfuck said thus mentioning wutang by proxy

"i denote laziness as in not looking thoroughly into the history of something and making many assumptions."

once are they making assumptions?

"5 percenters are wrong about many things such as yakub"

prove they are wrong!!!!!! you looking pretty lazy right now

"the earth is around 4.5 billion years old with a 1% margin of error not trillions of years old like 5 percenters say. theres no evidence that humans split off the moon from earth."

who says the earth is 4.5 billion years old? is that your lazy ass just quoting euoprean scientists?

"i also found on wikipedia that wallace fard muhammad made this statement "In his supreme wisdom teachings he explains that because they are made weak, their recessive biological nature made them more susceptible to doing evil than the original people""

huh?? thats not a quote...thats PARAPHRASED....find a real quote of Wallace Fard Muhammad...stop being lazy

"this is wrong and bad science 4 a number of reasons. first of all theres no such thing as "recessive biological nature". this is cuz evolution is a totally random process with no destination or aim so it cant b progressive nor can it be called recessive. different creatures adapt to their environments. eg people might say "a slug has a recessive biological nature cuz its weaker than other animals" but this statement would b wrong cuz a slug is perfectly adapted to its environment."

well...find a real quote from WD Fard and we can address this...otherwise its inadmissable

"also "weak" is a very vague concept hes using. it depends what type of strength hes talking about. whites r better at certain strength tests than blacks and vice versa so thats also wrong."

says who???

"also he seems to think "evil" is an objective entity. its not its subjective. eg a vegetarian thinks that eating animals is bad cuz its cruel but a lion thinks eating animals is good cuz it helps the lion to survive. saying that something can become more evil is wrong."

something cannot become more evil????
are u seriously saying this?

"tbh its all just a whole lot of dogma which isnt even good or believable dogma. its the kind of dogma id expect from a religion in 2000BC."

its not any more dogma that what you believe or what you spouting here at know the ledge

" im pretty sure some of the comments on this video saying that greeks were black r frm 5 percenters."

your pretty sure???? god damn you pretty sure???

the dude has a personal statement on his youtube channell and eye cee absolutely nowhere where he says he is a 5 percent

god damn you lazy

"i can tell u 4 certain that greeks today dont have negroid features and they do looktanned but not very black."

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