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Twisted Science shaolin monk

TS yes, approach Science, sport at least 3 vests cuz Iím tha King of tha Vets / skip tha Kevlar yo, guard ya head n throat cuz Iím havin a verbal episode, Tourettes threats with Uzis n tecs / caress duress, never regret ninja, lets take it to cassettes ninja/ I eat ya mixed tape up n press eject ninja / I been a weedhead since í92 n when we connect Iím gonna collide with you / riot with heavy iron tools, fueled up to snatch your iPod / donít misconstrue tha jewels I drop that clue you in that Iím God / Milo got 8 lives, tha weedspot is where I patronize n I advise not to approach unless you spit rhymes / driven by weed, coke or crime, I spit terrible like Ivan / my metaphors contort parables of Science bent over backwards / my gats is words n yíall cats get robbed by me, so empty ya pockets, take off tha Wallabies n Iíll even grab those apostrophes / penny-ante MCs, all ya talk is cheap n gaudy, dressin all flossy like this was Halloween with fake diamonds / splash you in tha face n close ya eyelids, left to right, you fear God as you should fear ScienceÖ
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