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tha rap Magellan’s a madd felon, blowin’ bones from disbanded skeletons / when I parole I’m goin’ to hell quick / overthrow Milo’s high quotient of intelligence / cell to cell to retail sales thru comps USA/ international, words fracture clavicals ‘n’ when you write TWISTED SCIENCE make sure it’s in all capitals / it’s laughable when my clique snatch your chain ‘n’ TMZ films me sportin’ it, you ‘n’ your team’s just subordinants / adorn massive metaphors to tha masses, epitaphs get epithets ‘n’ God’s autograph, paragraphs scan tha demographics / fuck tha half-wits, my bacclaurete’s nonexistent yet I’m well-studied in vocal vocabulary / my style’s standin’ statuary, cut your capillaries ‘cuz every rhyme you write is heresy / you fags are all scary scared of me ‘cuz I cripple fuckers’ pelvis like Lou Gherig’s disease…
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