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Chess is a blessing to all mankind I believe. Haven't played checkers ever in my life and don't intend to. Just doesn't interest me.

I think the most fascinating thing about chess, is that you get to see who your opponent truly is. Most people I've played are always, always running their mouths about how they, "saw that coming.." and "can't let you do that..." yet when they make a mistake and you capitalize on it, all the while not having fed into their efforts to get your feathers ruffled, and you say maybe two or three words, or just smile, then you're the one who's the, "shit-talker". I used to think Madden brought out the true person, untrue. It's definitely chess. Even if the player is good, the mere fact that they can't stop patting themselves on the back immediately tells you that you're dealing with a very sore loser. I guess the main reason I enjoy it is because I somehow see all of the ancient principles of the human being and creation itself played out on the board and between the players. For a fraction of a second, if you really pay attention, when you play chess and play it properly, you understand everything. Conflicts in your everyday life take on a whole new meaning and the best advice I have ever been given is, "Apply the rules of chess to life and you'll never go wrong." Most people think that all this means is to think a few moves ahead of your opponent. The number one rule in chess is the exact same rule in martial arts, patience and control. Unless you're calm, you can't think and if you can't think, you can't win. I used to hate when I would lose my queen, then one day I was online playing and an older cat came along and asked how I was doing against my opponent. I said, "If I do this...I'll lose my queen." Almost aghast at my words he said, "SO?!?!" Right away, I understood. Never put too much faith in one piece. Simply use every piece to your utmost ability. I've actually given up my queen on purpose a few times just to get used to playing without it. If you allow it to, chess will help you to grow in ways that are sublime.
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