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Originally Posted by Protect ya Neck! View Post
Read message to the blackman, making of the whiteman, theology of time and read some more on the NOI and the nation of gods & earths. Again like the original question of the thread. These teachings/lessons are all not meant to be taken 100% literal. Like the bible and quran each person who studies these lessons can get an understanding from it and apply it to their life, and actually see it before their eyes. For example yacub. a lot of people take that story on face value thinking it's REAL history in the sense that there was a big headed black guy on pelan, when in reality a black man who's doing devil things(lie cheat steal kill) is who? Yacub!

check this out, maybe you'll get a better understanding hearing it from a god in person.
but if things cant be taken 100% literal they cant be considered proof. u cant try and build up evidence based on symbolism and metaphor.

i thought according to u that a devil wasnt how evil somebody is, instead a devil is something that has changed from the original and that u call this original thing "god".
u even said this
Originally Posted by Protect ya Neck! View Post
When we say the white man is the devil it's because he is. Devil doesn't necessarily mean evil. It just the opposite of god. What may be good for black people, may not be good for white people, and what may be good for white people may not be good for black people. So there really is no such thing as good and bad. We all just try to do what's in the best interest of people.
so why exctly are lieing and cheating devil things. they look more like evil things and not necessarily devil things.

yet if u say something as general as "a black man who's doing devil things(lie cheat steal kill) is who? Yacub!" then u can say every black person is yacub cuz every black man has lied at some point in his life.

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