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Originally Posted by Protect ya Neck! View Post
because of those bible verses in genesis I listed detailing the events of the yacub story.

gen 30:37

now jacob took for himself rods of green poplar and of the almond and chestnut trees, peeled white strips in them, and exposed the white which was in the rods.

gen 30:40

then jacob seperated the lambs, and made the flocks face toward the streaked and all the brown in the flock of laban; but he put his own flocks by themselves and did put them with laban's flock.

one of our lessons goes like this:

tell us what and how the devil is made?

the devil is made from the original people by grafting and separating the germs. in the black man's body there exist 2 germs, a black germ and a brown germ. yacub with his law on birth control separated the brown germ from the black germ and grafted it into white by destroying the black germ. After following this process for 600 years, the germ became white and was no more original. also by thinning the original blood, the germ became weak and wicked and was no more the same. thus this is how yacub made the devil.
the only common thing between yacub and jacob is that they both have a knowledge on animal breeding.
but theres key differences. yakub used humans, jacob used goats, yakub wanted to create white people, jacob wanted to create speckled and brown goats. he actually rejected white goats as well
33 And my honesty will testify for me in the future, whenever you check on the wages you have paid me. Any goat in my possession that is not speckled or spotted, or any lamb that is not dark-colored, will be considered stolen.
also yakub created white people through a eugenics program of making lighter skinned people mate with eachother.

jacob used a totally different method in which he made goats look at rods which were striped white and black and also by looking at black and white goats from labans herd.

totally different methods. jacobs doesnt involve any splitting of germs.

also yakub seems to want weaker people. u said he thineed the blood to do this. jacob wanted the opposite effect. he wanted his speckled flock 2 b stronger.

41 Whenever the stronger females were in heat, Jacob would place the branches in the troughs in front of the animals so they would mate near the branches, 42 but if the animals were weak, he would not place them there. So the weak animals went to Laban and the strong ones to Jacob. 43 In this way the man grew exceedingly prosperous and came to own large flocks, and female and male servants, and camels and donkeys

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