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Well it's becoming to the point where I'm just repeating myself, and I don't want to lose any more time so Im going to end with this.

basic math of life

1. knowledge
2. wisdom
3. understanding

In order to understand something you must know the said subject, and in order to get a proper understanding you have to put it to use(wisdom)

So the 1st step for everyone here who has questions is to read those books. Message to the blackman has a whole chapter for the devil and yacub.

The next step would be to go over everything I've said, and watch some videos of the NOI and the gods and how they use the lessons. Both have their own way of using them.

Once you do those you will get an understanding. Either you'll understand and want to learn more, don't understand and reject it, or understand it and reject it, which is ok with me. If you're a christian, continue being christian, if you are a muslim, keep being that. Sound travels at 1,120 ft per sec, light travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per sec, so since neither is being used to teach, it's not surprising nobody is receiving the light.

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